In 'A Long Long Way from Cali to Casa,' the aspirations of Moroccan youth collide with their deep-rooted heritage, as a transformative journey unfolds through the lens of an outsider with shared values, exploring the delicate interplay between global dreams and local identity.
Embarking upon an odyssey of cultural introspection, 'A Long Long Way from Cali to Casa' delves into the multifaceted realm of urban Moroccan youth, orchestrating an intricate ballet between their aspirational Western gaze, personified by counter umtuet and the profound moorings to their native roots. Against an arresting tableau, the film deftly unfurls the dialectical conundrum that besets these adolescents, presenting a nuanced canvas where desires, dilemmas, and the delicate symbiosis of modernity and heritage converge. This opulent tapestry underscores the zeitgeist of a generation traversing betwixt and between, in a quest for selfhood and affiliation.

directed by
Jonas Kolecki (b. 1994, Munich) is an artist and filmmaker, intertwining influences from counter culture, independent filmmaking, and philosophical studies. His pursuit of a new media degree in South Tyrol lays the groundwork for a multidisciplinary conceptual approach spanning painting, sculpture, film, videography, and performance. His work mirrors the interplay between culture and human identity, fostering contemplation within shared spaces, exploring the traces we leave and bridging boarders we create.
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